Need Help?

VTS is a highly complex software, so in the beginning some might struggle to understand all the features and tools.
There are multiple way to get help understanding VTS:

  • Guides and tutorials on this website
  • XDA thread dedicated to VTS
  • IRC live chat

Guides and tutorials

Software is only as good as its documentation. This principle applies to almost all software. Therefore the VTS team spent a great amount of time to write up dedicated guides and tutorials for a wide range of topics.

To access those articles, click on any of the submenus on the left listed below “Tutorials”.

XDA thread

I created a dedicated thread on XDA to provide support and to post news and updates. If you need quick help, this is a good way to start.

XDA VTS Thread

IRC chat

You can also talk to me via IRC. I am usually avaliable in #vts-dev on Freenode. Just ping me there and I’ll answer you as soon as possible.