Get a license

Virtuous Ten Studio was always intended to be a free software. However, a lot of work (hundreds of hours) and even commercial (paid) components has been put into this application.

To maintain the quality of VTS we introduced a “Premium license” which disables a little popup window which appears at several occasions within the app and also removes the watermarks from the HTC Sense M10 images.
A license is valid for a life time and works on all future versions of VTS.

You can use your license on all your own computers, but you are not allowed to share the license with anyone else.

Follow all these steps to get a license file:

  1. Donate one of the following values via the “Donate-Button” located at the bottom of this page
    • 15€ or more: Get a VTS license, which removes all popups and watermarks
    • 20€ or more: Get the license as above plus I will mention your name in the credits here and in VTS itself (if this is wanted)
    • 25€ or more: All of the above plus priority email support. This means, you’ll get access to a special support email address where you can directly ask me your questions concerning VTS.
  2. After donating write an email to which has to include:
    • Your PayPal email address
    • Date and time of your donation
    • The amount you donated
    • If you donated 20€ or more please let me know if you want to see your name (and which name) in the credits. I won’t add you automatically for privacy reasons.
  3. I process all licenses manually, so it will take some time until you get your license file.
    If you did not receive your license after 24h despite having completed all the steps above, please send another email at and ask for a status update.