How to use the Log Viewer

The Log Viewer enables you to have a broader look at the inbuilt log messages from VTS.

Everytime you compile/decompile something (most likely an apk or some part of it), a lot of log output gets generated.
Those log messages basically tell you what happened during the various processes going on inside VTS. 

The Log Viewer is a fundamental tool, useful to figure out how the system works, and to fix whatever issue might occur.
VTS gives you the ability to manipulate and customize the log to make it more comfortable to read and figure it out. 

You can access the Log Viewer’s window via the Log Viewer button on the View tab.

The window is separated in three main parts:

  • The central log messages
  • The top bar with all kinds of controls
  • The command bar at the bottom

The central part is pretty self-explanatory. It displays VTS’ internal log messages. However, the amount of data here can be altered by the controls in the top bar.

You can select what kind of log messages are displayed in the log area.

  • Debug / Blue: Debug messages are useful to experienced users and the developer in case of unexpected errors in VTS itself. Always include these messages when you get asked for a copy of the VTS log.
  • Warning / Orange: Warnings help you to see possible problems. Sometimes warnings can be ignored, however, sometimes they can be a hint to solve much bigger problems.
  • Error / Red: Errors usually indicate that something went wrong and and the work cannot be continued. Read the errors carefully, they usually tell you everything to get them fixed.
  • Success / Green: Success messages show you that your task was completed successfully.
  • (Fatal errors / Purple: Fatal errors are usually serious errors within VTS. These should never appear. However, no software is perfect, so if you come across one of these, please report the problem to the developer of VTS.)

Additionally you can filter all messages via the Filter textbox. Just enter something you want to search for and the log messages are updated in real time.

If you need to report a problem with either VTS (Fatal errors) or an external tool like ApkTool or smali, it’s extremely useful to save the complete log to a file on your harddrive. You can do that via the Export log button on the bottom. Please be aware that this button will only export log messages that are actually displayed based on your settings (type / filter / etc).