History & Background

This project first started back in April 2011 with the announcement of the HTC Sensation and Sense 3.0. At this time HTC said that the previous generation of devices would not have the hardware capabilities to run Sense 3.0. Spurred on by this challenge the community came together and worked tirelessly to get it booting on devices such as the Desire HD and Desire Z.
Getting Sense 3.0 booting was not to much  of an issue, the bigger problem came once the rom had booted. Due to the sensation having a qHD screen and last generation devices having WVGA almost every Sense app and widget was oversized.
After much poking around the apk’s it came apparent that HTC had started to use a special binary format called m10. These m10 files were new and at the time no one knew what they contained or even how to decode them.
Along came Diamondback and Flemmard, between them they managed to build a decoder/encoder for the m10 format. Once decoded they were able to resize sense 3 and the now legendary Virtuous Unity was born.
The m10 project soon developed in to a much bigger idea, why have a piece of software that is only able to modify one element of apks.
So work began on implementing existing tools such as ApkTool, Smali ADB and more. A lot of time has been spent making sure that work flow is correct and provides the best possible user experience.

Today VTS is a highly respected , multiple purpose solution to all your Android modification needs.