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Using ADB

As you’ve probably noticed, there is an ADB tab at the top of VTS. The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is deepy integrated into VTS. Many features rely on a working ADB connection. This tutorial covers some of the most obvious features related to ADB.

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How to use the Log Viewer

The Log Viewer enables you to have a broader look at the inbuilt log messages from VTS.

Everytime you compile/decompile something (most likely an apk or some part of it), a lot of log output gets generated.
Those log messages basically tell you what happened during the various processes going on inside VTS. 

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How to create your own Sense Skin

The most asked question I get is, (Hey Mcluvn, can you make a base skin for me?) or (How do I make a base skin?).  Now that we have VTS with a working decoder for SENSE 3.5, 3.6 and the newer 4.x, this will only bring up the question even more. This is the first tutorial that I know of that will walk you through the steps in creating your own skin.

I’ll be using the matte.apk from SENSE 4.0 in this tutorial. You can use whatever stock skin you would like. So let’s get started.

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Explanation of filetypes

Android binary files (*.apk, *.jar) contain a bunch of different files. This tutorial aims at explaining the most commonly used file types and their meaning to android themers and developers.
VTS has extensive support for all these file types and helps you working with them.

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