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M10 file overview

This tutorial gives you a general overview of the data structure inside the proprietary m10 files used by newer HTC Sense devices (Sense 3.0 and up). 
The goal is not to cover specific mods for these m10 files but to explain how such mods are generally achieved. You are going to learn about the structure of m10 files and which parts are the most relevant for most modifications. 
Within this article, Idlescreen_Base.apk and Rosie.apk from Sense 4.1 are used as a reference.

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M10 images example workflow

This tutorial showcases a possible workflow when editing m10 images. All basic steps from the stock apk to a themed one are covered. However, these are only the basics, so feel free to explore more of VTS and the other tutorials on this site.

Get your target fusion.apk ready and follow these steps:

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