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Diving into Configurations

There are a number of new features in VTS 3.x, but the biggest change is the new Config system.

If you’re already a VTS user, you’ll be familiar with the Preset system, which allows you to quickly apply a saved group of settings to a new project. Using Presets, you could configure which settings were used to generate the decompiled files, and the finished apk/jar. However, the actual decompile/compile processes were hidden inside the machine. The new Config system peels back the layers, and gives you control over the whole process.

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Navigating around VTS

Now that you’ve got VTS setup, it’s worth taking a bit of time to get familiar with the user interface. There are a lot of powerful tools built into the program, and this guide will help you work out where to look when you want to achieve a particular task.

The screenshot below shows the main VTS homescreen. This is the window that will greet you every time you open the program.

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Setting up your first project

Let’s jump straight in and get you started on your first project.  For those of you familiar working with IDEs VTS will be a breeze.  For those of you new to it all the first thing to understand is the principle of working with Solutions and Projects.  

In a second we’ll be creating your first project and it will all make a bit more sense, however understanding the terminology before you start will be helpful.  
Essentially you create individual Projects grouped within Solutions – think of a Solution as a folder containing one or more individual Projects.  

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