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Getting help

VTS is a highly complex software, so in the beginning some might struggle to understand all the features and tools. 
There are multiple way to get help understanding VTS:

  • Guides and tutorials on this website
  • XDA thread dedicated to VTS
  • IRC live chat


Guides and tutorials

Software is only as good as its documentation. This principle applies to almost all software. Therefore the VTS team spent a great amount of time to write up dedicated guides and tutorials for a wide range of topics.

To access those articles, click on any of the submenus on the left listed below “Tutorials”.


XDA thread

I created a dedicated thread on XDA to provide support and to post news and updates. If you need quick help, this is a good way to start.

XDA VTS Thread


IRC chat

You can also talk to me via IRC. I am usually avaliable in #vts-dev on Freenode. Just ping me there and I’ll answer you as soon as possible.

System Requirements

Virtuous Ten Studio doesn’t have a lot of requirements. However, a few things are needed. Let’s start with the required software:

Even though there are no special hardware requirements, VTS runs a lot more performant with good hardware. Here a list of the biggest influences:

  • RAM: 2GB or more is recommended
  • Solid State Disks (SSDs) greatly improve the overall performance of VTS, almost every task is going to be completed quicker
  • Screen size: VTS can be configured to use a lot of screen real estate to directly display important information. A full HD (1080p) 21″ screen or bigger is recommended for the best experience (smaller screens work too of course)

History & Background

This project first started back in April 2011 with the announcement of the HTC Sensation and Sense 3.0. At this time HTC said that the previous generation of devices would not have the hardware capabilities to run Sense 3.0. Spurred on by this challenge the community came together and worked tirelessly to get it booting on devices such as the Desire HD and Desire Z.
Getting Sense 3.0 booting was not to much  of an issue, the bigger problem came once the rom had booted. Due to the sensation having a qHD screen and last generation devices having WVGA almost every Sense app and widget was oversized.
After much poking around the apk’s it came apparent that HTC had started to use a special binary format called m10. These m10 files were new and at the time no one knew what they contained or even how to decode them.
Along came Diamondback and Flemmard, between them they managed to build a decoder/ encoder for the m10 format. Once decoded they were able to resize sense 3 and the now legendary Virtuous Unity was born.
The m10 project soon developed in to a much bigger idea, why have a piece of software that is only able to modify one element of apks.
So work began on implementing existing tools such as ApkTool, Smali ADB and more. A lot of time has been spent making sure that work flow is correct and provides the best possible user experience.

Today VTS is a highly respected , multiple purpose solution to all your Android modification needs. 

The Team

The main team behind Virtuous Ten Studio consists of a few different people: 

  • Diamondback: Project lead, UI development, backend development, M10 development, Smali parser/analyser, project coordination
  • Flemmard: M10 development, boot image un-/repacker, image format specialist
  • Vaelek: Smali analyser
  • Cypis, mcluvn: Graphics and design
  • Dunc001: Inspiration, Testing and tons of feedback


A very special thanks to the following people for providing valuable feedback, for their help building this website and writing the guides & tutorials. You guys are awesome! (alphabetical order)

  • Dunc001
  • eg1122
  • Fernando sor
  • fisha21
  • Gumby63
  • il Duce
  • jeffsanace
  • mcluvn
  • memnoc


Special credits to everyone supporting VTS, especially:

  • Michael Mayfield
  • Christopher Jones
  • “Dougi”
  • “Orkorolev”
  • “mugetsu666”
  • “Knickles”
  • James Vahanian
  • John E. Houston / “fnut6969”
  • “Dragonesdenano”
  • “The great dane”
  • “Micro Mod”
  • “Norcalkid”
  • “Cheesy Algorithms”
  • “Onepagebook”
  • “Krps13”
  • “dmonium”
  • “leoisright”
  • “p1ra”
  • Jose Zenteno
  • Ken Arnold
  • “conorb610”
  • Andrew Meier
  • “sweetlilmre”
  • “Spannaa”
  • Doug Ipperciel
  • “Htcdev”
  • “DdcCabuslay”
  • “radavs”
  • “2WildFire”
  • “Technology Discovery”
  • Jeff Skeens
  • ÆbbyDemie


Virtuous Ten Studio has an automatic update system, so the download here might not be always the latest version. However, VTShttp:/ will update itself to the latest http:version upon the http:first run.http:// http://


Latest version for Windows Vista and newer

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 15.09.2013
MD5: A19BFFD7F27CB1FB4998FCE1C86C66D7

Latest version for Windows XP

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 21.11.2012
MD5: 4C3B27D953D24D8E0C0CD18DDB749B88


Old versions

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio Beta

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio


Download: Virtuous Ten Studio Beta
Released: 12.06.2013
MD5: A19864004DB4A58F4496A04A5D8417F8

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 18.04.2013
MD5: 8CD68D2139D6D440AA80A0E46A64E3D9

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio

Download:  Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 19.01.2013
MD5: 382B8882A534EB87ECEA0776A30658F1

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 21.11.2012
MD5: DA661BE7C48C8A340D3C8E784F74F2AC

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 2.11.2012
MD5: 6A5B3C117383DCC9B55AFCB6EA327C65

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 24.7.2012
MD5: 06BFF994FBDBF5CAFE79188B5B7E8F93

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 24.5.2012
MD5: 81C3EA66EC0353F7A25B89869DF4E683

Download: Virtuous Ten Studio
Released: 29.4.2012
MD5: 629FF9B6A4D2DF9325CEF998C84281CF


Alternative download location:
Dropbox Archive


The full (and always up to date) changelog is hosted at Google Documents.

It contains changes for the current, old and future versions. This means that you can follow my development as I update the changelog with features for the next version.


The changelog can be found here:

VTS Changelog

(The changelog can also be found inside VTS)


  • Never before seen UI
    • Fully featured IDE 
    • Seamless integration of useful external tools
      • ApkTool
      • Smali/Baksmali
      • ADB
      • Zipalign
      • Sign
      • dex2jar
      • Winmerge
      • Remote Theme Injector (RTI)
      • many more
    • Work with your apks just like having real java code
    • Support for apks and framework jars
    • Easily keep track of multiple apks/jars with the Solution Explorer
    • Manage big projects with ease
  • Edit smali code like never before
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Live syntax error checking
    • Jumping to smali references (method calls, fields, classes, gotos)
    • Help files on almost every smali command and topic
    • Connection between smali code and public.xml to expose hex references
    • Have a helpful look at the java source of any smali file if needed
    • Paste often used smali snippets right from the editor
  • Enhanced XML workflow
    • Easy navigation in XML documents
    • Follow XML resource paths and jump to the source file with a simple click
    • Previews of color codes, images and string resources directly in the xml file
  • Edit M10 files with great usability
    • Support for all Sense versions (3.0, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 4.1, 4.5)
    • Work with m10 files either with the dedicated M10 project or via the combined APK project
    • Decompile m10 images of all Sense versions to create HTC Sense themes
    • Quickly analyze the contents with the M10-Structure viewer
    • Validate your m10 changes with the syntax checker
    • Unimportant m10 parts are greyed out or completely hidden
  • Unpack and repack boot images (boot.img)
    • Easily edit any content of your boot.img
    • Dedicated syntax highlighting for *.rc and *.prop files
    • Advanced support for files modes and symlinks
    • Native implementation, no need for cygwin or the dsixda kitchen
  • Communicate with your device with yet to be seen ease
    • Tight integration of many ADB commands
    • Push apks easily to any place on your device
    • Remote import files to edit them with VTS
    • Debug your device with the integrated Logcat-Viewer
  • Enhance your workflow with useful additions
    • Easily create backups of your projects 
    • Dedicated compare interface for easy comparision of files, folders or projects
  • Hundreds of other awesome features (seriously, you really have to see and try it yourself)

Get a License

Virtuous Ten Studio was always intended to be a free software. However, a lot of work (hundreds of hours) and even commercial (paid) components has been put into this application. 

To maintain the quality of VTS we introduced a “Premium license” which disables a little popup window which appears at several occasions within the app and also removes the watermarks from the HTC Sense M10 images. 
A license is valid for a life time and works on all future versions of VTS.

You can use your license on all your own computers, but you are not allowed to share the license with anyone else. 


Follow all these steps to get a license file:

  1. Donate one of the following values via the “Donate-Button” located at the bottom of this page 
    • 15€ or more: Get a VTS license, which removes all popups and watermarks
    • 20€ or more: Get the license as above plus I will mention your name in the credits here and in VTS itself (if this is wanted)
    • 25€ or more: All of the above plus priority email support. This means, you’ll get access to a special support email address where you can directly ask me your questions concerning VTS.
  2. After donating write an email to which has to include:
    • Your PayPal email address
    • Date and time of your donation
    • The amount you donated
    • If you donated 20€ or more please let me know if you want to see your name (and which name) in the credits. I won’t add you automatically for privacy reasons.
  3. I process all licenses manually, so it will take some time until you get your license file.
    If you did not receive your license after 24h despite having completed all the steps above, please send another email at and ask for a status update. 


What is VTS?

Virtuous Ten Studio (VTS) is the ultimate solution for the modification of android applications. This program allows you to manage entire Android projects within an easy to use and familiar environment.

The intended group of users covers anyone from a themer over ROM devs up to the smali gods known for their awesome mods of existing apks. The modifcation of smali code is one of the biggest features in VTS. You can easily decompile, edit and recompile any apk or jar file.
However, the application is not limited to smali files. You can edit almost any file found inside an apk or jar.

Virtuous Ten Studio is also the official successor to the highly important M10Tools released 2011 by the Virtuous Team. You can easily edit any m10 file from Sense apps in order to resize, modify or theme them.

Additionally VTS brings support for un- and repacking of boot images (boot.img), a job that previously required a cygwin installation with the dsixda kitchen. Since VTS’ own implementation is a native windows solution, you don’t need dsixda or cygwin anymore.

VTS has been designed to run on Windows, has been in development for over a year and has gone through many stages of testing. We now feel that the it is mature enough to be released publicly.





Main VTS window