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How to Edit Resources

This guide will go over how to edit various resource xmls with VTS. As an example this tutorial will use framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk from a HTC Sense 4 ROM.
Please keep in mind that there is a huge list of possible resources in Android, so this document will cover only the most important ones.

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How to create your own Sense Skin

The most asked question I get is, (Hey Mcluvn, can you make a base skin for me?) or (How do I make a base skin?).  Now that we have VTS with a working decoder for SENSE 3.5, 3.6 and the newer 4.x, this will only bring up the question even more. This is the first tutorial that I know of that will walk you through the steps in creating your own skin.

I’ll be using the matte.apk from SENSE 4.0 in this tutorial. You can use whatever stock skin you would like. So let’s get started.

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Navigating around VTS

Now that you’ve got VTS setup, it’s worth taking a bit of time to get familiar with the user interface. There are a lot of powerful tools built into the program, and this guide will help you work out where to look when you want to achieve a particular task.

The screenshot below shows the main VTS homescreen. This is the window that will greet you every time you open the program.

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Explanation of filetypes

Android binary files (*.apk, *.jar) contain a bunch of different files. This tutorial aims at explaining the most commonly used file types and their meaning to android themers and developers.
VTS has extensive support for all these file types and helps you working with them.

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M10 file overview

This tutorial gives you a general overview of the data structure inside the proprietary m10 files used by newer HTC Sense devices (Sense 3.0 and up). 
The goal is not to cover specific mods for these m10 files but to explain how such mods are generally achieved. You are going to learn about the structure of m10 files and which parts are the most relevant for most modifications. 
Within this article, Idlescreen_Base.apk and Rosie.apk from Sense 4.1 are used as a reference.

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Setting up your first project

Let’s jump straight in and get you started on your first project.  For those of you familiar working with IDEs VTS will be a breeze.  For those of you new to it all the first thing to understand is the principle of working with Solutions and Projects.  

In a second we’ll be creating your first project and it will all make a bit more sense, however understanding the terminology before you start will be helpful.  
Essentially you create individual Projects grouped within Solutions – think of a Solution as a folder containing one or more individual Projects.  

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M10 images example workflow

This tutorial showcases a possible workflow when editing m10 images. All basic steps from the stock apk to a themed one are covered. However, these are only the basics, so feel free to explore more of VTS and the other tutorials on this site.

Get your target fusion.apk ready and follow these steps:

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