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Diving into Configurations

There are a number of new features in VTS 3.x, but the biggest change is the new Config system.

If you’re already a VTS user, you’ll be familiar with the Preset system, which allows you to quickly apply a saved group of settings to a new project. Using Presets, you could configure which settings were used to generate the decompiled files, and the finished apk/jar. However, the actual decompile/compile processes were hidden inside the machine. The new Config system peels back the layers, and gives you control over the whole process.

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What’s new in 2.2.11

We’ve been beavering away in the VTS batcave again working on loads of new and improved features to enhance the workflow and to generally make life even easier for you.  Release 2.2.11 brings several behind the scenes enhancements but what you’re really interested in is all the cool new stuff you can play with, so let’s take a look…

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Using ADB

As you’ve probably noticed, there is an ADB tab at the top of VTS. The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is deepy integrated into VTS. Many features rely on a working ADB connection. This tutorial covers some of the most obvious features related to ADB.

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Working with smali in VTS

Whether you are a hardened smali freak or just setting out on your first serious project VTS has a wide range of features designed to make working with smali much easier.  From the easy to follow colour-coded formatting in the smali display, to quick jump features, tooltips and Help reference VTS has a formidable array of tools in its arsenal to help you do battle with smali.

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How to use the Log Viewer

The Log Viewer enables you to have a broader look at the inbuilt log messages from VTS.

Everytime you compile/decompile something (most likely an apk or some part of it), a lot of log output gets generated.
Those log messages basically tell you what happened during the various processes going on inside VTS. 

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XML Features: Jumping & Previews

VTS includes large scale support for jumping between different files and following references. Additionally VTS will help you recognize different types of resources with displaying previews or other helpful hints.
This tutorial will simply explain how the Jumping and Preview features for XML documents work in VTS.

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